Your First Visit

Pre-Treatment Questionnaires

Before we carry out any treatment it is necessary for you to complete a Medical Questionnaire, Covid Screening Questionnaire and a GDPR form.  To save time and allow for more hands on treatment in your first visit the Medical Questionnaire may be downloaded and completed and brought to the session. If not then they can be completed on the day. It is up to you.

What to Expect from Treatment and your Therapist

In order to treat you, we need to establish what you understand about massage and what expectations you have of treatment. Therapies are hands on treatments which may require you to undress and if you wish to bring a chaperone, you are welcome, especially if there are communication difficulties or you are under 16 yrs old.

During the treatment we encourage you to feedback to us so we can tailor the treatment to you, which may include stopping if you wish. Although treatment has minimal side effects, you may feel tired afterwards and to maximise the effect of massage, it is a good idea not to plan activities which stress your body afterwards such as sport or heavy work. 

Your practitioner will explain what they feel is the problem and how they propose they treat you and will give some indication of how many treatments are needed. Massage, Mobilisation,Electrotherapy and Exercises may be offered and we ask you to let us know if you have any preferences. 

Your response to treatment depends on your condition, how long it has been a problem, and how much you help or hinder your progress at home: for example if you do your exercises regularly and avoid activities which aggravate your pain.

Please do ask questions if you are unsure of anything, no matter how silly you may feel, we have probably been asked it before!  

Cancellation Policy 

With respect to our staff and for other patients trying to obtain appointments, we regret that we charge a £20 cancellation fee if you cancel an appointment without giving 24hrs notice , and we may charge the full consultation fee if you miss an appointment and have not cancelled.

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