Monday, 28 September 2020

The New Normal

It has been nearly a month back at work now and we are all adapting to 'the new normal' and to changing guidelines regarding PPE and best practice.

Those of you that have visited for treatment during this time have found that some of the 'frills' have been removed from treatment rooms and communual areas.  It is very much a 'no frills' approach in order to keep us all safe.

Whilst appointment times and prices have remained the same; actual treatment times are a little shorter to allow for more enhanced cleaning processes but the more we do these the more efficient we become and the less time it takes.  You will notice staff wearing face masks throughout your visit and during your treatment I will be wearing an additional face shield, nitrile gloves and plastic apron; all of which are replaced for the following treatment. 

In return I ask that all clients wear a face mask and sanitise their hands when entering the clinic in order to protect yourselves and others.  We will also take your temperature when you enter as an enhanced precaution, as we do to ourselves.

Treatment is still very much the same and processes have been adapted where necessary for the benefit of the treatment.  Those of you who have visited have been pleased with the new procedures and happy with the treatment, particularly after going so long without.  For those of you that may still be concerned about coming for treatment then please feel free to call the clinic on 01332 553332 or contact me on my mobile or through facebook or linkedin to discuss your concerns. Please don't put up with your pain; at the very least please seek advice.  We are here to help.

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