Friday, 19 August 2011

Lower back injuries related to poor glutes function

The past couple of weeks have been busy at nrgize what with attending triathlons and doing home visits. We have noticed a trend recently though and that is a number of people coming in with overactive hamstrings and weak glutes; which pften leads to lower back pain.
If you sit at a desk all day you are more prone to shortened hamstrings and hipflexors which can pull your pelvis out of alignment. You don't have to be a desk jockey to suffer problems though and we have seen a number of triathletes and marathon runners with poor core strength, overactive hamstrings and weak glutes meaning that their muscle firing sequence is all out of kilter and lower back pain arises.
Contrary to popular belief; running lots is just not good enough strength work for your legs and being able to hold the plank doesn't mean that your deep core stabilising muscles are working properly!
Don't fret though; our tried and tested back care treatment and rehabilitation program will set you on the right path. Using a combination of massage and corrective exercise we can rectify most issues between 2 and 12 weeks; depending on the severity of the problem.
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