Friday, 26 August 2011

Focus on Cycling

With recent news that cycling boosts the British Economy by about £3bn/year; we thought we would focus on it this week.

Cycling is a great starter activity if you are trying to lose weight.  It is non weight bearing so, provided that you have set up your bike properly, places minimal wear and tear on your joints and is less strenuous than running.  It is a great social/family activity and you require minimal specialist equipment.

Of course, some people get the bug and pursue cycling further in its many different forms; bmx, track, mountain, road racing or combine it with swimming and running in triathlons.  Once you start taking things a little bit more seriously and stacking up the weekly mileage then injury prevention should start to enter your mindset.  Common cycling musculoskeletal injuries that we have seen include; lower back pain, wrist pain, hamstring tears, hip flexor tendonitis and most commonly tight calves.

We believe there are 3 keys to preventing cycling injuries:
  1. Get your bike set up properly
  2. Do a suitable weight training programme alongside your cycling
  3. Get regular massage to relieve aching muscles and prevent unnecessary tightnes
Remember: Prevention is better than cure

For more information on how any of the above can help you; contact us at nrgize.
cycling a family affair for these velo club members

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