Friday, 2 September 2011

Sports Massage for injury prevention

Wow; why is it that the working week after a Bank Holiday is always soo hectic!  Glad we have a few days to recover before the next event (Derby Tri).

This week we have seen a number of repeat clients, along with the odd new one who have all come to the same conclusion; a regular monthly sports massage will help keep those annoying injuries at bay.  It doesn't matter if you are a professional/amateur athlete, an exercise instructor or someone who just likes to keep fit and healthy; regular massage relieves both mental and physical stress and tension, identifies problems before they escalate and keeps your body in tip top condition.  That's why those professionals lucky enough to afford it have weekly or even daily massage (chance would be a fine thing :)

So this week our shop assistant with sore shoulders; spin instructor with sore calves and keen golfer with sore elbows all booked in for a repeat visit.  Why not follow their lead; book yourself in, put a smile on your face - free your body and soul.

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